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vulcan mini vases

ships in a few days
white DI 2.5" H 3"sand D 2.25" DI 2" H 4.5" D 2" grey H 2.5" W 3.25" D 2.5" agave H 4" W 2.25" D 2.25"
glazed stoneware
rinse in lukewarm water
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  • a series of asymetrical miniature vases with a metal glaze giving the surface an intriguing finish
  • a family of miniature vases with different shapes, proportions, colors, textures & finishes
  • combine for a dynamic tablescape
  • contract size, color & texture
  • each mini vase has its own personality due to the unique surface glazing technique
  • tapers to the opening so perfect for the single stem flower
  • incredibly tactile vases with speckles & texture variations
  • creates a grouped interior design element or stands alone