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vegan microfiber slim wallets

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H 4" W 2.5" D 0.75"
aluminum & microfiber
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  • as the word indicates the slim wallet comes without a button for a slim fit in your pants
  • Cardprotector is at the core of the slim wallets
  • protecting your credit cards & drivers license from theft by RFID scanning
  • chassis is shrouded in a soft matte finished micro fiber fabric
  • holds 6 flat cards or 4 embossed + more cards + receipts + paper money
  • flick your thumb quickly on the lever mechanism & your cards come out staggered which give you easy access to your most used cards
  • light-weight aluminum chassis prevents from unwanted reading by RFID & NFC protection
  • keeps cards from bending, warping & peeling
  • cruelty-free fabrics made in Germany. aluminum protectors made in Holland
  • lasting & durable designs of the highest quality
  • no animals harmed in the making of the mini wallet

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