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I absolutely adore my Urban Air mask! not only does it score high on cool creds, but it’s also the is the most advanced mask available to the end user. I particularly appreciate how spacious the mask is inside as it rests on a foam bridge on the arch of your nose, not flat on your face. all of my prior masks lied flat like a pancake on my skin. for the 1st time since the Covid pandemic hit, I can finally breathe. this is liberating given that I’m customer-facing. I feel that textiles that sat directly on my delicate facial skin made it sag. the mask isn't just the best-looking mask but it also makes you look your best :-D

the Urban mask is high-tech  for several reasons:

- the 1-way valve means that moisture is exhaled out of the mask— an especially nice feature if you wear glasses
- the nose-clip is shapeable & the foam has memory meaning it follows your specific nose designed in this way for minimal  leakage
- the feature also makes the mask ideal to work out  in if you have to wear a mask while working out
- a 5-layer polypropylene filter protects you from airborne viruses & air pollution
- polygiene® is on the exterior of the mask, a textile with anti-microbial qualities
- adjustable ear loops & head strap

- the filter is engineered to last up to 100 hours. the technology inside consists of active carbon which help to eliminate odors & the 2 electro-charged layers filter out micro pollution, smog, virus, bacteria, pollen & other allergens

- comes in 4 different sizes XS. SM. MD. LG for a personalized & snug fit
ergonomic mask to fit kids, teenagers & adults alike
- as an added bounus, the mask provides for sun & ultraviolet protection UPF 50+

Airinum's mission is to make the world breathe a lot cleaner even if the air is sub-par. unfortunately, we’re moving towards a world with more airborne pollutants as the animal ag industries & tranport sector continues to greatly contribute to climate warming. airborne diseases which largely emanate from our eating animal foods, are going to become even more prevalent