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sculptural metal hooks

ships in a few days
chanterelle H 2.75" W 2.25" D 1.5" mushroom H 1.5" W 1.5" lemon H 2.75" W 2" D 1.5" D 1.5"
stainless steel or solid brass
wipe w dry cloth
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  • if you’re looking for sculptural wall art hooks for your wall then look no further
  • lemon, chanterelle & mushroom hooks cast in stainless steel or brass
  • designer Helena Rohner was inspired by Mother Nature herself so chose sinuous curves to adorn your wall
  • we love functional items doubling up as sculptural art objects. it is possible to have it all!
  • solid brass takes on a reflective finish
  • initialed by the jewelry designer & slipped into a soft textile sleeve