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red yuzu soy candle

ships in a few days
V 16 oz DI 3.5" H 3.75" W 3.5"
100% pure soy wax
trim the wick to ⅜” prior to each burn. keep out of drafts and rotate periodically. keep out of direct sunlight.
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red yuzu soy candle

  • this fragrance begins with a bright citrus top note of lemon and grapefruit which is intertwined with notes of nutmeg and eucalyptus
  • the main body of the fragrances is a floral jasmine and rose accord with iris notes
  • the fragrance dries down to an amber musk base with a treemoss finish
  • 65 hour burn time
  • GMO-free, lead-free, biodegradable vegan soy candle