hook black brass

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DI sm 0.75" lg 1.5" H sm 1.35" lg 0.1" D sm 0.75" lg 1.5"
solid brass with black patina and polished edge use as a hook or knob. screws for both options included
wipe with a dry cloth. Polish when needed
black brass

hooks on the wall or knobs on your cabinet door may make all the difference in a room. With inspiration in the world of adorning oneself with jewellery and accessories made of gemstones, we developed a new concept of hooks and knobs.

they embellish your home with the classic aesthetic of honest materials, such as cast iron, semi-precious stones, marble, or brass.

use the same hooks, or experiment with mixing the different earthy materials to achieve an engaging expression with many, smaller focal points. This large and round hook is made of black-polished brass.