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We bring more to the table than plants


It feels good to give as much as 15% of our time in the form of skilled volunteering

Our nutrition consultant gives free coaching sessions to the veg curious interested in adopting a plant-powered diet. We do community outreach through skilled volunteer work. We target an audience which historically suffers from poor dietary eating habits & live in food deserts. Through skilled counseling, our vegan nutritionist show people how to migrate to a vegan diet.





We’ve pledged to save the planet. We give 3% of our gross revenue to — a vegan advocacy non-profit. We help get the word out vegan diets saves lives, animals & the environment

The animal industries are by far the worst climate transgressors. Vegan diets have the greatest potential to reduce climate change by getting animals off our plates. Vegan is the future.

Help us make more plant powered lifestyles a reality



Everyday heroes are saving the planet. Become one of them! 
Vegan or non-vegan, we can all make a difference. We need your help! we’re all in this together & we’ll go through this together. Please sponsor our vegan nutritionist to spread the word a whole food plant-based diets saves lives. 
We donate our skills & time to underserved communities. We reach people who aren’t aware there’s a healthy alternative to the Standard American Diet, SAD.
We have a chance to shape the future. Donate to our cause to save people, animals & the planet
Please support us


Everyday heroes are changing the world. Become one today
We don’t have to wait a single day to change the world. The choice is ours at every bite & every purchase. Radical change never comes from the top… it starts with you & me
Donate your time & skills to our outreach programs