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bottle carafe

$50.00 - $90.00
ships in a few days
glass & brass
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  • the bottle carafe is pleasant to the touch and doesn't drip
  • its minimalistic and classic form design starts out as a bottle
  • it takes water to truly enjoy wine, preferably served in a carafe that looks good on the dining table, does not drip, and from which it's easy to pour
  • the water bottle is of a size which will easily fit into the fridge door; and thus you'll always have nicely cooled water ready for serving
  • the mouth blown glass is of the finest quality
  • this glass carafe series is inspired by the silhouettes of classic vessels such as the milk bottle
  • while honoring the past, bottle carafe services modern requirements, with a stylish brass lid to keep liquids fresh
  • the carafe is a minimalist and refined rethink, sculpted from thick-walled mouth-blown glass
  • use to cool drinks in the fridge or to keep wine for another day