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Vegan Nutritionist


we’re more than a cruelty-free lifestyle store. we help people go vegan. 

vegans outperform non-vegans on nearly every single health metric. you find loads of vegan recipes online but it’s difficult to forge new eating habits & make them sticky. our expert nutritionist, Kris, is here to help you switch to a vegan diet. with a specialty in insulin resistance Kris has insight into pre-diabetic diets. together, Kris will guide you through your core eating habits with a 360° view on health following the evidence-based nutritional science. your emotions & pattern surrounding food matters greatly.

if you’re ready to move the dial, let Kris guide you to optimal health. she’ll take the first steps with you. here’s the vegan how to’s.

empower your health today!





Kris – the vegan coach here
when you’re ready for change, I coach you to optimal health with a whole food plant-based diet. I offer a turn-key solution showing you how to live vegan in all aspects of living using science-backed evidence.
we go deep. I want to understand your emotions around food & what led you to where you are today. I will support you when you hit a snag or push you when you lose momentum.
as an active listener I promise you my authentic & present self. I commit myself to you every step of the way. 
together we create a meal plan targeting your preferences ensuring it'll satisfy you. we also come up with a lifestyle plan to help you sustain your new eating habits for lasting health. 
this is going to be your last diet. ever.
 leading the way to vegan living


x Kris