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– no agenda – no critique – no admonishments – no unsolicited advice – no distractions

we’re social animals
& as such have an innate need to be heard
when we’re understood
we unfold & expand
when we turn episodes of our lives into anecdotes
it's not just to entertain
it’s to make sense of puzzling events
stories allow us to process our reality
if you experience a disconnect between how you present yourself
& how you actually feel
if your subjective view of the world
doesn’t match the objective one
we are complex conflicted multi-faceted beings
people can be messy
& life is not always easy
it’s an inside job after all
if you have unresolved issues
or keep rehashing old grievances
when you need to vent
or just make conversation
launch a project
or stuck in your own head
when going to friends or family is not an option
if seeing a therapist is too premature, costly or too intimidating
here’s a different approach to problem-solving
I want to hear your story
I’m interested in human rhythms, not algorithms
I’m not a licensed therapist or a professional counselor
I am a professional listener
I’m anchored in my own internal realities
& don’t have to the epicenter of every interaction
I listen with my heart
& give you my authentic present self
tell me your inner thoughts & feelings
you’re processing your reality
when you hear your own voice out loud
get in touch with feelings & make insights
formulate & organize your thoughts
draw your own conclusions
reach “aha"
in self-exploration
let me be your sounding-board
listening is not a passive, but rather a relational experience
when one feels understood by a fellow human, something transformative happens
“listening is an intuitive, nuanced art & while it may appear simple, it is highly effective”
sometimes there are no answers
no answers necessary
just allowed to be
no right no wrong
just connection