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Privacy Policy



is my information kept private?

Minimal takes your privacy seriously. We guarantee that all the information relating to your transaction is kept private and confidential. We don't sell our customer lists or share your information with other companies. You don't need to opt-out. Your information is solely for transactions carried out by Minimal.



is my payment secure?

Credit card payment transactions in our web store are conducted online with the authorized and encrypted payment gateway, When you submit your order to Minimal, your browser will pass information securely to our servers.

Your order, personal information, and credit card information are transmitted over secure internet connections using SSL encryption technology. This technology offers the best protection for your data from being stolen or intercepted while being sent through our servers, making an online payment absolutely secure. To further protect you and your credit card information, your personal and your sign- in password information are not stored in our database. They are stored in an encrypted format at all times.