norm mirror

$400.00 - $700.00
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powder coated aluminium & glass & leather
  • with more options than ever before, the bath series collection fulfills every requirement in the bathroom space in both public and private environments
  • many of the designs, such as the mirrors and trash bins, also serve us outside the bath, in offices, kitchens, living areas, and beyond
  • the full lineup now includes trash bins in an array of sizes, multiple mirror designs, a shower tray, a towel bar, a toilet roll holder, a shower wiper, and a towel ladder
  • the bath series also offers a toothbrush holder, a soap pump, and a toilet brush - all three available in both freestanding and wall-mounted editions
  • norm architects minimalist, human-centered sensibility shines through each accessory, with the designs responding to real-life needs while maintaining a sophisticated, modern expression
  • light, uniform lines and rounded bases unify the pieces and add beautiful focal points to some of our most-used spaces
  • with purposeful, meticulously executed details, the Bath Series elements are at once refined and user-friendly
  • visually bold and adaptable
  • deeply thought-through and delightfully simple
  • the bath series is a promise to lend every aspect of the bath importance, making ordinary experiences feel a lot less everyday