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kobo ribbon cassis et rose douce soy candle

kobo ribbon cassis et rose douce soy candle

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For Junko Kobori, memories come alive with the aromas of her world travels.
Realizing that fragrance is key to both environment and memories, she set out to
create what well may be the most advanced in soy candles. KOBO candles are
made from domestically grown sustainable soybeans for the cleanest of burnings
and cotton wicks for the purest of flames. These all-natural soy candles fill the
room with just the right amount of unique fragrance.

  • 80 hour burn time

  • sustainably made

  • clean burning

  • extinguishing lid

  • comes with box of custom-designed wood matches

The Ribbon collectionʼs delicate and thoughtful scents of woods, flowers and
earth are a journey for the senses. Adorned in striking colors, the packaging
makes a lovely stand-alone gift – no need to wrap.

MATERIAL sustainable soybeans domestically grown

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