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kobo filament cultured sake soy candle

kobo filament cultured sake soy candle

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The delicate wires of the Filament Collection create complex patterns utilizing only the simplest of lines. This concept further illuminates the fragrances within: simple scents are layered and layered until bold, complex and sophisticated fragrances emerge.

cultured sake – sake, lotus, white tea

Sake and fresh lotus drawn together with a juicy peach note that intertwines gracefully with white tea. In packaging so gorgeous it can be gifted without wrapping, the best in soy candles each comes in a robust glass jar, has an 80 hour burn time and comes with an extinguishing lid and custom-designed box of wooden matches.

From Junko Kobori, whose memory is alive with aromas from her world travels, come the very best in soy candles. Realizing fragrance is key to environment and to memories, she set about creating the most advanced soy candles. Scented candles abounding, she founded KOBO. KOBO candles are made from domestically grown sustainable soybeans for the cleanest of burnings and cotton wicks for the purest of flames. These all-natural soy candles fill the room with just the right amount of unique fragrance. As always at Minimal, these soy candles include free shipping.

MATERIAL domestically grown sustainable soybeans

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