hubert suspension lamp

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H 9.75" W 57.5" D 9.5"
powder coated brass/steel & solid brass
  • the hubert series was conceived by new york city-based design firm søren rose studio
  • the functional frame, simple lines, and warming brass interior create a light that is at once unobtrusive and beautiful
  • an off-shoot of the beloved tribeca series, the Hubert series now includes the pendant Ø24, pendant Ø45, and suspension frame
  • the series builds upon those materials - steel and brass and introduces a number of pendant and suspension options
  • the lamps are pared down in a way that emphasises the materials and the quality of the light
  • hubert suspension lamp & the hubert suspension frame comes with three lamp shades attached, giving it an industrial feel while maintaining a sleek and minimalist aesthetic
  • though this look is most commonly found in commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants, it would also look spectacular in a modern home, lending an air of drama above a dining room table or kitchen island