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felt basket set of 3

felt basket set of 3

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Synthetic felt is perhaps a surprising material to choose for a bread basket. But there is very much a common sense method behind the creative madness, as it features a unique and convenient function. The food grade felt is lightweight, pleasant to the touch and a joy to use at the table. The simple design is true Nordic with clean lines that provide a subdued and stylish interpretation of Nordic cosiness in a contemporary look. The baskets are sewn with stitches in three natural colors. The three sizes in the set from Menu fit many different situations and needs: use them for bread, crisps and snacks, fruit and other small items at the dinner table, parties or just in your everyday life.
MEASUREMENT small W 7" H 3.5"
medium W 9" H 4"
large W 10" H 4.5"
MATERIAL synthetic felt

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