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iittala sarpaneva cast iron pot 3 qt

iittala sarpaneva cast iron pot 3 qt

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timo sarpaneva 1960

An ultimate design classic once celebrated on a Finnish postage stamp. Combining design usability with a traditional cast iron pot, Timo Sarpaneva’s inspiration came from his blacksmith grandfather. Timeless and ingenious design, as functional in the kitchen as appealing on the dining table.

MATERIAL cast iron

care instructions

1. wash with hot soapy water (regular dish soap)
2. clean with SOS (or similar product)
3. rinse well with hot water
4. towel dry
5. place on a warm burner for 1 min to drive the rest of the moisture out of the pot
6. if desired, season the inside with vegetable oil. do not season the outside as this could be a fire hazard

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