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  • inspired by the bollards onboard ships, the new column table lamp from norm architects combines technology and mood-setting style in a striking mushroom shape with modern edge and a natural feel
  • it's a design that embodies freedom
  • freedom of form in its bold, cylindrical elements
  • freedom of light in its dimmable led bulb
  • freedom of movement, as the cordless column table lamp can go wherever you do, and is rechargeable via a usb charger
  • sprinkle them throughout the offi ce to bring a warm, relaxed ambience to counteract the usual fast pace
  • set it down on the lounge coff ee table or on the terrace as you enjoy postdinner conversation or drinks
  • use them in the lobbies of hotels or restaurants to draw people in - and swap out the standard table candles with something sturdier and more conversation-worthy
  • lightweight and durable, with a beautiful fi nish, it's a design you'll want to try out in all your favorite spots
  • the column table lamp's warm, comfortable light makes any space more inviting, and fi ts into every décor, from the classic to the ultra-minimalist
  • the indoor table lamp is constructed from anodized aluminum
  • it is cordless and rechargeable via a usb charger
  • the led lightbulb produces soft , diff used, comfortable light with three sett ings
  • the design is available in a bronze fi nish