carrie led lamp

$180.00 - $250.00
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DI 5.25" H 9.5"
steel or brass & glass.
adjustable to three light settings
  • the carrie led lamp embodies what makes Scandinavian design great: minimalism, innovation and love of light
  • the portability and diffuse glow make it useful for both indoor and outdoor lighting
  • designed by copenhagen-based norm architects as a portable, lightweight lamp, the carrie led lamp is unique for its multiple uses and mutability
  • with a sleek, functional handle and a warm orb of light nestled gently in a basket-like base, the lamp is useful almost anywhere
  • even on the go, as it is cordless and comes with a usb charger
  • move it from your office to your bedside table, to your evening picnic in the park, and in your bicycle basket as you ride home
  • the cosy light created by this special piece of lighting brings comfort and sophistication wherever you are
  • the new line extension comes in a brushed brass finish, bringing an additional sense of richness and elegant texture to the sleek lines of the lamp