card protector

$45.00 - $50.00
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  • the cardprotector, the heart of every secrid wallet, is made out of aluminium
  • together with our dutch suppliers, we are always advancing towards a higher level of quality when it comes to production, people and environment
  • our specialised knowledge about every small step in the aluminium production chain makes it possible for us to deliver the best quality available
  • the aluminium cardprotector is the heart of our collection and our most minimalist wallet
  • it has a patented sliding system that gives access to the cards you use most with one simple click
  • additionally, the cardprotector protects your cards against bending, breaking and unwanted wireless reading of ffid and nfc cards
  • the front of the cardprotector is engraved using a nanolaser
  • the detailed patterns create a beautiful contrast between the processed and the raw aluminium